All around the country, wonderful teachers are doing a wonderful job!
Every teacher has his or her own style, and that is what this page is celebrating!
Scroll down to find teacher links that will springboard you into a world of cyberfun and support,
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Children's Literature Web Guide
An Aladdin's Cave of resources for anyone interested in children's literature, including up-to-date news, library links and author and publisher links.

Education Week on the Web
Wow! All the fast-breaking school-related news from around the country! Teacher magazine also on-line here!

FirstYears: A Web Site for Student and Beginning Teachers

National Education Association's Free Things for Your Students or Classroom
The average teacher spends thousands of dollars out of pocket...treat yourself to some freebies!

Just 4 Teachers
"The Ultimate Website for Teachers," designed by a teacher! She's not kidding! If Just 4 Teachers doesn't have the link for what you're looking for, I don't know who does!

Kathy Schrock's Bulletin Board Ideas
When you need a little inspiration!

A great source for literature-based rubber stamps. Great for rewards, correspondence home, hand-stamps for storytime participation, and more! Call for their complete catalog; tell them Esmé sent you!

Mighty Mentors
Sometimes the people we work with are not the people we need. Reach out through the internet to give or get support.

National Center for Education Statistics
The place to go to get your facts straight.

The Neverending Search: Finding and Using the Good Stuff
I love this site! Get empowered with information literacy...learn to search and find what you're looking for in our technological age!
The most popular links, updated regularly!
Download hundreds of ways to say "good job" to your students!

Teachers Helping Teachers
The place to find lots of great ideas for the classroom, or make special requests on a dynamic bulletin board.

Teachers.Net Chatboard Network
Connect with real live teachers from all over the country and share ideas and experiences on over 30 chatboards. The ultimate in teacher support! Or enjoy many more teacher-designed links on the Teachers.Net Webring!
One of those slightly unweildy websites that offers everything: lesson plans, school-home connections, assessments ideas, professional development, seasonal features and more. is another teacher "supersite" you may want to investigate; it offers online tutoring and classroom radio (NPR) connections.

Teaching is a Work of Heart
A fine and fun example of a teacher designed web site.

Thoughts from the Bottom of the Beanstalk
Part of Mrs. Griffin's Kindergarten page, this is the perfect letter to send home the first day of kindergarten...or before.

Trelease on Reading,
Outstanding recommendations and research regarding read-aloud!

What We Wish Parents Would Realize
A provocative post from Teachers.Net.

Worlds to Discover
"Edutainment" radio and activities for teachers! Check out the children's archive for cool thematic connections.

You Can Handle Them All
What teacher hasn't needed help with classroom management? This remarkable site offers strategies for handling over 100 misbehaviors.


We are looking for teachers to feature on this page! Please help! If you've been teaching at least two years, just pretend you are being interviewed and answer the following:
1. Talk about your approach.
2. What is your teaching "pet peeve?"
3. What's the funniest thing that ever happened in your classroom?
4. Advice for new teachers?
5. What material thing do you wish you had for your program?
6. What children's book do you recommend that would make teaching more fun?
Send a scanned image or non-returnable photo of yourself, background/career information (resumé welcome), answers to the above questions (and feel free to add any questions that you WISH someone would ask you!) and how we may get in touch (this will be kept confidential unless otherwise requested) via e-mail or you can snail-mail to: Planet Esmé, Attention: Teacher Feature, P.O. Box 6225, Evanston, IL 60204. Come on! You know you'd make a terrific famous person! Planet Esmé reserves the right to select teachers and links for this site.

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