Hello, wonderful teachers!

IMPORTANT INFORMATION! Ms. Roberts has approved the student library board promotional event, the PARADE OF BOOKS, which will include grades k-4. Here's the deal:

  • The kids get to dress up as their favorite storybook character towards the end of the day on Friday, October 17 and march around the inside and (weather permitting) outside of the school. Families will be invited to cheer for their children outside. An apple juice reception will follow in the library. We need to stress to the kids that this is NOT A HALLOWEEN PARADE, and costumes that are not related to children's books or store-bought licensed character costumes are discouraged. Let's encourage kids to create their own costumes using items from their closets, construction paper and recyclables. Teachers are welcome to wear costumes also, but of course this is your choice.

  • You will march as a class, and you will soon receive a dowel on which to create a banner with your room number on it that your class will march behind. While we ask that you and your class create the banner, anything else is optional: boom-box marching music or homemade instruments, character name sashes, etc. You might want to have children do an oral "book share" about the book their character is derived from. Do whatever makes participation fun and exciting for you, not what interferes with any other classroom priorities.

  • Announcements are being prepared, copied and will be ready for distribution early next week.

  • If you need help with any aspect before the parade day, I have a few girls from the student library board who may be able to assist; please ask. Of course, I am also on hand. Please share any questions, comments or concerns with me.

    I'll keep you posted with any new information!

    Thanks for supporting this service project of the student library board! It should be FUN!