Parade Update!

Tomorrow is the big day!

Please remind students to bring the book-related costume to slip on in the afternoon. Encourage the children to bring the book that goes along with their costume; they can carry it as they march.

Inevitably, some children will not have a costume. Encourage them to at least make a sign or flag to carry saying "Room --- Loves to Read" or "My Favorite Book is ---" or something like that.

Teachers, you will walk with your students in whatever configuration you usually proceed down the hall. Classes will be picked up to march, starting at the eastern end (118) of the primary hallway, between 1:50 - 1:55. Please be ready! If this presents a problem, please let me know!

Your responsibility is to have a banner ready to carry in front of your class's line that says your room number and anything else you want. Dowels were provided. Fun options include boom-box musical accompaniment, teacher costume, kazoos, drums, tambourines, etc.! Waving is encouraged!

We will be walking up to the second floor, up past the intermediate grades, down stairs and out exit and around the school for parents to wave at their kids, and back through exit . Follow the leader! Bring sweaters/jackets as weather deems necessary. If it's raining, we'll go to "plan B" which you'll know about if we use it. We'll be optimistic!

Please share any comments and suggestions before and after this event. You are wonderful and patient and your participation has made this fun!