contact Veronica DiCapria to confirm a booking.

Name of Program:
Scheduled to appear on (Day/Date/Year):
for an speaker's fee of ___________ plus expenses enumerated below.

1. Expenses to be paid in full by the host include coach airfare to and from Chicago O'Hare; meals during the stay; accommodations; transportation between airport, accommodations and event (I do not drive); and phone call not to exceed 20 minutes from the hotel to Chicago. Once accommodation site has been approved, the host group will hold the room/pay for the room with their credit card number unless other arrangements are made. The host group will be invoiced for all other expenses, which are to be paid within 30 days. Unless arranged previously, please do not include estimated expenses in the speaker's fee check.

2. Please have speaker's fee ready on the day of the presentation. Payment should be made out to Esmé Raji Codell.

3. For your bookkeeping department, my social security number is XXX-XX-XXXX.

4. Cancellation by the host group within 60 days of the program date, for reasons other than weather or natural disaster, cannot be made without a penalty fee of 20% of the agreed upon honorarium. Cancellation within 10 days of the event cannot be made without a penalty fee of 50% of the agreed upon honorarium. In addition, in either case the cancelling group would be responsible for any "penalty" fees required by the airlines for a changed ticket. If I cannot appear for any bona fide reason, all monies advanced by the host for travel or accomodations will be refunded. In the event that I am unavoidably delayed but arrive to present the program in full, the engagement shall be considered to have been completed as agreed and all expenses shall be due in full unless otherwise agreed upon in writing.

5. The proper equipment will help ensure a great presentation. As for equipment needs, please have one cup of non-carbonated water and one large table near the speaking area for program materials. I prefer a microphone and podium when possible, and necessitate these items with groups with over 75 people. A lavalier mike is preferred, but a freestanding mike is also fine. If circled, please also be sure to have the following : a clean overhead projector (NOT opaque) within arm's reach of the podiumand screen, an LCD projector forMac Power Point presentation within arm's reach of the podium and screen, an audio cassette player, an extra table, art supplies for the group: crayons, glue, staplers, scissors, hole punches, other. Please take care that all audio-visual equipment is set up, clean and in working order prior to presentation. All programs are approximately 45 minutes in length.

6. Sorry, no videotaping or cable broadcasting of my program is allowed.

7. If you are interested in having copies of Educating Esmé or How To Get Your Child to Love Reading available for sale at the event, please contact Shelly at Algonquin Books, 919-933-0272 to order. If you are interested in having copies of Sahara Special available for sale at the event, please contact the Hyperion warehouse, 800-759-0190 to order. Please arrange for volunteers to facilitate selling. Your local bookstore may also be willing to facilitate ordering/sales at the event. I do not sell, but I am happy to sign. Please have a table and chair for me to use in autographing. This table should be placed far enough away from the book sale table to avoid the two lines congesting each other.

8. For school visits, presentations of Writing Without Waiting: How to Be a Great Writer Before You Grow Up are available for grades 4-6. Presentations can be given in classrooms or in the library. Classes can be combined, but limited to no more than three at once. Limit of four presentations per day maximum. Please allow children to be familiar with Esmé's novel Sahara Special before the visit, and plan for time for lunch and booksigning. Teachers must stay with their classes during presentations. This contract assumes a visit to a single school; shared visits may be negotiated in writing for an additional fee. If this is the first author visit at your school, please check out and/or for hints on how to maximize the experience for the children and for everyone involved!

9. Please fill out as completely as possible the attached YELLOW SHEET and return it within 30 days along with a signed copy of this contract. This is important for my scheduling and travel plans. Please make no reservations or publicity efforts until a written confirmation from me or my speaking agent, Veronica DiCapria, is received. Your signature below implies a reading and understanding of contract terms enumerated here.


Yellow Sheet

Please complete and return as soon as possible.


Name of Host Group/Organization:
Requested Program:
___ Sahara's Special…And So Are You!
___ Writing Without Waiting: How to Be a Great Writer Before You Grow Up
___ Great Teachers in the History of Children's Literature
___ La Vie En Reading

Contact Name:
Contact Phone (daytime/night):
Contact e-mail:
Billing Address:
City, State, Zip:
Event Location Address:
Phone at Event Location:

(Preferably Crowne Plaza, Sheraton, Westin, Hilton. Independently owned hotels and bed & breakfasts must be cleared with Esmé first. Motels are not acceptable. Host group is to reserve room and room expenses on their credit card prior to check-in. Please do not reserve room until confirmation is received from Esmé.)
Two hotels near the event location, and their phones:

Esmé does not drive.
___Someone will be picking Esmé up ___from airport ___to event ___from event ___to hotel ___to airport. Who?
___ Esmé should take taxis/shuttles to locations.

Conservative estimate of attendance: _____
Copies to be sold at event: ___ Sahara Special (for children) ___ Educating Esmé (for adults) ___ How to Get Your Child to Love Reading (for adults) We prefer that Esmé use the following for her presentation:
__ an overhead projector
__ a Mac Power Point program (requires LCD projector)
__ no preference

__ Check here if you are arranging a school visit and would like a reproducible sheet of autographed bookmarks sent in advance.

A tentative schedule of the day's visits would be appreciated; feel free to write on the back of this sheet.

Name/phone of local bookstore:
Name/phone of local newspaper:
Name/phone of local radio station:

A confirmation of event appearance will follow. Please make no reservations/promotion efforts until this confirmation is received. If any information on this sheet changes prior to the event, please contact Veronica DiCapria.

Signature of host/sponsor:

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