Are you able to answer these questions about your author/illustrator (artist)?


  • What are the names of all the books your artist has done? How many are there?
  • Which was the first?
  • Have any of the books won awards? Which books? Which awards? When?
  • What qualities or themes do most of your artist's books share?
  • If your artist is an illustrator, which art materials or techniques are typically used?
  • Where did your artist attend school? What degrees does he or she hold?
  • What other kinds of jobs did your artist have?
  • What book do you know, or believe, is the artist's favorite, and why?
  • What parts of creating books come easily to your artist? Which parts are difficult?
  • Is there anything that is a special inspiration to your artist?


  • When was your artist born (year, date)? How old is the artist?
    If dead, when did your artist die? How old was he or she?
  • Where does your artist live?
  • Does your artist have any children?
  • Does your artist have any pets?
  • Does your artist have any special interests?
  • Can you give examples of the artist's family, pets, personal experience or interests appearing in or affecting his or her work?

    If you had to say in a few sentences what your artist does in books that makes him/her different than any other artist, what would you say? (In other words, be able to describe the author's style and favorite themes.) THIS IS YOUR STYLE STATEMENT, and will appear on your display as well. Remember, you must be familiar with a reasonable amount of your artist's work to create this statement! Happy reading!