My Author/Illustrator (Artist) Display must include...

  • The name of my artist in bold and attractive lettering, centrally located
  • A picture of my author/illustrator
  • A list of all the books my author/illustrator has created
  • A strong statement in a few sentences about what your artist does in books that makes him/her different than any other artist
  • Information about my author/ illustrator's life (a paragraph, list or time line)
  • Graphics which suggest major themes in your author/illustrator's work

    !!!!!!!! Your display must be free standing (able to stand up on its own). Displays that are not free standing will not receive a grade. You can buy display boards at office supply stores or make one by attaching poster board together.

    Helpful Hints!

  • Look at the sheet in your folder, "Are You Able to Answer These Questions About Your Artist?" and decide if you can add any of this information in an attractive way to your display. For example, think: how can you draw attention to awards won?
  • If you contacted publishers, they may send you materials you can use in your display. If you received a letter from your artist, be sure to include the letter (or a copy of it) in your display.
  • Copy shops like Kinko's will let you xerox copy from books if you explain it is for one-time educational use. OfficeMax makes fairly inexpensive color copies! These will add zing to your display! Be sure to label any illustrations with the title of the book from which they come.
  • On the day of your presentation, you will set up your display. Bring copies of your artist's books to show. Then, you will present your author to the class, explaining why your author is so fabulous and unique, interesting facts about the author's personal life and then share actual illustrations or particular written passages with the class. Be ready to answer questions about your artist. A good presentation is one that gets your class excited to get to know your artist and to read his/her books, and shows you are familiar with your artist's life and work. Of course, family members are welcome to come and watch you present!
  • This is not a contest. However, students who receive an A or B grade will have their displays kept until the end of the school year, since your teacher is making arrangements with public libraries to have them displayed. Make sure your name and room number are on the back of your display. Books will not be kept; they will be returned immediately after your presentation.

    Grading criteria will include:
    neat and attractive display (pride in work)
    quantity and quality of research and information gathered (evidence of effort)
    familiarity and appreciation of artist (display and presentation content)

    Happy Reading!!!