Dear Caretaker,
"I don't know of a single lifetime reader who doesn't have favorite authors," writes Jim Trelease in his national bestseller, The Read Aloud Handbook. "Celebrating the author or illustrator brings alive the book."

With the goal of nurturing a love of reading and an appreciation of the artistry behind all books, the school library will be launching a guided study in which your child will come to appreciate a particular author or illustrator of his or her choosing. Rather than simply writing a report, we will be doing activities such as creating attribute charts, venn diagrams, writing letters to authors, creative writing and much more. We will initially work as a group until students gain enough confidence and information that they can approach analyzing an author or illustrator's style independently. The study will culminate in an oral presentation of biographical information about their author with a visual display of information about that person's works. Details about the criteria of the display will follow; please encourage your child to wait for this information before beginning.

Please support this opportunity to learn by taking your child to the public library for this project. Your child needs to take out as many books as possible featuring his/her chosen artist. Your child also needs to look up the author/illustrator in the reference book Something About the Author, and xerox copy that information. Your child may need help gathering information about the author directly from publishers; 800-numbers can be found from Books in Print, or ask me. Our local branch library, the Northtown, 6XX5 N. California, has these resources. If you have a computer at home, a list of helpful internet sites will soon be distributed.

Of course, I am available to assist in all aspects of the research. A folder has been given to your child to help organize materials, and all materials will be discussed in class. Due to the limited resources of our school library, however, your support is necessary for an optimal learning experience for your child. Your enthusiasm will be contagious!

While I enjoy teaching all library skills, I am especially excited to facilitate this milestone in your child's enthusiasm for reading. Please call with any question, concerns or comments: 53X-2X2X.

Madame Esmé Raji Codell
School Librarian