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c/o Madame Esmé
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Hello, X !

My name is X . I am in the X grade at WXYZ Elementary School. I am studying outstanding authors and illustrators in our school library, with our library teacher, Madame Esmé. She is really X . Some of the things we do are X . Right now we are writing letters to our favorite writers and illustrators, and I thought I had to write to you, because I love what you have done.

The books I read of yours are X . My favorite part is X , because X . Another thing I like about your books is X . I have always wanted to ask you X .

We are collecting autographed pictures of our favorite book people. Madame Esmé says people who make books are more fabulous than movie stars. I would go crazy if you sent me one for our author/illustrator "Wall of Fame" we are creating, if it is not too much trouble. I hope you keep (writing, illustrating) books and enjoy continued success in your career.

Your Fan,